Global AMR R&D HUB / AMR Snapshots: Edition 2: Dr. John Rex

AMR Snapshots: Edition 2: Dr. John Rex

We are delighted to be joined by Dr. John Rex (Editor-In-Chief, AMR. Solutions) to discuss the Hub report ' Estimating global patient needs and market potential for priority health technologies addressing antimicrobial resistance' (published in August 2021). Dr. Rex is a physician and drug developer with more than 30 years of development and policy experience focused on antimicrobial agents and a leading voice in this AMR arena. We had a great time getting to know Dr. Rex better and discussing some of the key results from the study - we even ventured into the topic of bacteriophage! Hope you enjoy watching!

Link to the report is here: Market potential and priority patient needs – Global AMR R&D Hub (globalamrhub.org)

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