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Public and philanthropic investments in AMR R&D related to animal health vaccines

30.08.2021: Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) not only poses a global threat to public health but also has severe implications for the health and welfare of animal populations. We are pleased to publish a new report that focuses on the current state of R&D funding for animal health vaccines. The collated data and observations arising provide a knowledge base that will aid decision makers in ensuring that public and philanthropic resources are targeting the most promising approaches and areas of greatest impact.

Special thanks to OIE and Health for Animals for their insights and contributions to this report.

Access the report here.

New collaboration between ICARS and the Global AMR R&D Hub

Translating evidence into action!

12.07.2021: The Global AMR R&D Hub and ICARS are pleased to announce a new partnership that will further strengthen their efforts to translate evidence into action to mitigate antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

The collaboration will harness the power of the Global AMR R&D Hub’s Dynamic Dashboard to explore the current landscape of Operational and Implementation Research within low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), in an effort to connect AMR interventions with concrete outcomes. In doing so, the partners hope to be able to develop a pathway from knowledge to shape policy, programmes and practice.

Read the joint communication from ICARS and the Global AMR R&D Hub here.

The Dynamic Dashboard’s Pipeline Gallery updated to include the most recent analysis by PEW and the WHO

09.06.2021: The recent analysis of the global pipeline of antibacterials in clinical development from PEW and the WHO highlighted a stark picture of a broken antibiotics market unable to keep pace with the need for new drugs and that urgent action is needed to spur antibiotic innovation. This updated research has now been consolidated within the Dynamic Dashboard’s Pipeline Gallery, providing a tool to help policy makers and stakeholders monitor the antibacterial pipeline.  

Read the joint communication from PEW, WHO and the Global AMR R&D Hub here

Link to the Dynamic Dashboard providing a consolidated overview of the clinical pipeline from PEW and the WHO: Global AMR R&D Hub Dashboard (globalamrhub.org)

Read our One Health Special Edition Newsletter

29.04.2021: A special thanks to the expert consultation group who helped develop the plant and environment health specific categories of the Dynamic Dashboard.

Access our One Health Special Edition Newsletter here.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments please email globalamrhub@dzif.de

Proud to be One Health!

29.04.2021: Today is the official launch of the plant and environmental health data within our Dynamic Dashboard. With the addition of these data the Dynamic Dashboard covers all four One Health sectors – plant, environment, animal, human – and is now a truly global One Health AMR platform.

Visit the Dynamic Dashboard at https://dashboard.globalamrhub.org/

Study Publication: National Policy Options for AMR Innovation

19.03.2021: What tools do National health systems have at their disposal to further reward the development and uptake of much needed new antibiotics and diagnostics?  Undertaken by the team at the Austrian Institute of Public Health (GÖG), the Global AMR R&D Hub is happy to publicly-release this important study today. This comprehensive review of available policy tools within pricing, reimbursement and procurement in ten G20 countries, includes concrete examples and suggestions for learning, leverage and implementation. This is one of three studies that were used to derive our recently-published recommendations put forward to the G7 and G20 for their ongoing reflections. Download the full report here and the accompanying policy brief here.

Accelerating Antimicrobial Development & Access

04.03.2021: The Hub is proud to put forward to the G7 & G20, key emerging insights from its forthcoming studies that it was tasked to undertake by its board of members and G20 Leaders. The results of our initial studies reiterate the challenges that remain in the post-market space and propose concrete steps forward in accelerating antimicrobial development and access for building a more secure future ecosystem.

New collaboration between PAR Foundation and the Global AMR R&D Hub

10.02.2021: The Hub is excited to announce a new collaboration with PAR Foundation, who will use the Dynamic Dashboard to help inform priorities for grant-making. We look forward to a successful partnership! Read the article here

Public and philanthropic investments in AMR R&D related to fungi

28.01.2021: The Dynamic Dashboard now also shows data on projects financed by public and philanthropic funders that support human health-related AMR R&D addressing fungi. A short report with an initial analysis of the first set of more than 1000 such projects is available here.

Launch of Funding Distributor Report in Dynamic Dashboard

28.01.2021: The Global AMR R&D Hub is pleased to announce the launch of the Funding Distributor Report in the Investment Gallery on the Dynamic Dashboard today. It shows funds going into and amount of funding going to activities supported by GARDP and CARB-X. You can access the report here https://dashboard.globalamrhub.org/reports/investments/funding-distributors