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Investment Gallery

The Investment Gallery presents basic and applied research projects and/or investments currently from public and private philanthropic funders (publicly available information) across the One Health continuum – human, animal, plant and environment. The Global AMR R&D Hub is exploring how and if it is possible to incorporate institutional and private funded R&D so that a full picture of the AMR R&D landscape is provided.

The information collected covers the entire research and innovation value chain on treatments, preventive measures/products, diagnostics, promotants and other products such as surface disinfectants. It also includes research occurring to support AMR Action Plans such as surveillance, operational, stewardship, infection prevention and control, and policy.

Where possible, the Dynamic Dashboard provides project level information, such as abstracts and principal investigators, to support collaboration between researchers.

Submit your project information

Please email globalamrhub@dzif.de and include as much information as you can, such as the following: study title, abstract (or description of the project), funding amount (including currency) by year if possible, who is funding the project, the start and end date of the project/funding (by month and year), the lead institution or organisation doing the research and a project identification number (if relevant).

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