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G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration

15-16th November, 2022: The Hub welcomes the recent publication of the G20 Leaders’ and Health Ministers statements which renew the commitment for action on AMR, recognising that it is an important element of pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, and that if no action is taken it will continue to set the global health community further back from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The G20 Health Ministers' statement recognises the need for enhanced surveillance of drug-resistant pathogens and calls for co-operation and collaboration between stakeholders – from ministers to industry – to facilitate the R&D of products that address unmet public health needs in AMR, including new antimicrobials and alternatives as well as effective and affordable diagnostics and vaccines.

The statement calls for strengthened engagement with the Global AMR R&D Hub, the Quadripartite and the OECD, plus other relevant organisations, including GARDP and CARB-X. We at the Hub look forward to further engagement with all key stakeholders to ensure that we can help move this agenda forward and deliver concrete outcomes. We also look forward to engaging further with the G20 India Presidency to tackle AMR as we move forward to 2023.

Access the G20 Leaders’ Declaration here.
Access the G20 Health Ministers' Meeting statement here.

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