The Hub in the Media

DNAMR, May 2022

New antibiotics are urgently needed to counter the rapidly increasing spread of resistance.

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Financial Times, November 2021

Antibiotic accountability: how countries and companies perform


Microsoft Customer Stories, October 2021

Cloud-based visualization of data serves science in the global fight against resistant pathogens


NewScientist - Infectious Diseases Campaign, March 2021

How consolidated information can help improve coordination and collaboration in AMR R&D


Financial Times, December 2020

"The threat of antibiotic resistance — in charts"


AMR Control, April 2019

"The Global AMR R&D Hub - Enhancing the international coordination of antimicrobial resistance research and development"



Devex.com, 20 March 2019

"A global hub for antimicrobial resistance is taking shape"




Berliner Zeitung, 16 October 2018

"Globale Gefahr - Berliner Experten-Team kämpft gegen tödliche Keime"




German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 22 May 2018

"A global effort to fight resistant pathogens" 

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