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Dynamic Dashboard

One of the key activities for the Global AMR R&D Hub is to plan, design, build and implement an online Dynamic Dashboard that will present all AMR R&D investments globally from public and private sources across the One Health continuum and is as close to real time as possible.

Information for the Dynamic Dashboard will be collected in a staged approach, beginning with R&D relevant to human antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. The Dynamic Dashboard, containing this first stage of information, will be launched in quarter one 2020. Following the launch, later in 2020 the Dynamic Dashboard will be expanded to collect information from all One Health sectors (to include animal, plant and environmental health) encompassing R&D relevant to drug resistance in bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites (protozoa and helminths).

Currently work is ongoing to design the IT structure that is needed to host and run the Dynamic Dashboard. We are also gathering data available from existing mapping exercises and are contacting funders of AMR R&D and investors in AMR R&D worldwide to check that the information we have collected is accurate and we can re-use the data in our Dynamic Dashboard.

Roadmap for the Dynamic Dashboard

A roadmap was developed to provide a clear and concise outline of the key elements of the Dynamic Dashboard project.

The roadmap was updated in October to reflect the delays in developing the IT platform for the Dynamic Dashboard. The launch has been postponed to quarter one 2020 rather than December 2019 as stated in the original roadmap and Global AMR R&D Hub’s Workplan.

Funded by:
Federal Ministry of Health
Federal Ministry of Education and Research