The main objectives of the GLOBAL AMR R&D HUB are to:

  • inform high-level decision makers on R&D pipelines and other relevant aspects of AMR R&D, in order to identify and prioritise R&D gaps and help focus high-level decision-making,
  • facilitate the efficient allocation of resources, 
  • promote increased investments into push and pull incentives for AMR R&D in order to maximize the impact of national and international research activities, 
  • foster international research collaboration among different partners globally, including industry and academia, 
  • support the filling of product pipelines with priority candidates, using an appropriate mix of incentives, with a view to the development of deployable products, while recognizing the importance of access, prudent use, and stewardship,
  • inform policy makers on AMR R&D and keep attention on AMR at high political levels,
  • raise and maintain public awareness and visibility through communication of the work of the GLOBAL AMR R&D HUB and its results.
Funded by:
Federal Ministry of Health
Federal Ministry of Education and Research