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National Health System Tools to Improve Valuation

What tools do National health systems have at their disposal to further reward the development and uptake of much needed new antibiotics and diagnostics?  Undertaken by the team at the Austrian Institute of Public Health (GÖG), the Global AMR R&D Hub is happy to publicly-release this important study today. This comprehensive review of available policy tools within pricing, reimbursement and procurement in ten G20 countries, includes concrete examples and suggestions for learning, leverage and implementation. This is one of three studies that were used to derive our recently-published recommendations put forward to the G7 and G20 for their ongoing reflections. 

AMR Snapshots - the Global AMR R&D Hub's interview series

Welcome to AMR Snapshots: the Global AMR Hub's Interview series, where we aim to explore the key issues of antimicrobial resistance from a range of different perspectives. Today's guest is Sabine Vogler, Head of the Pharmacoeconomics Department, Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, discussing the report 'Novel policy options for reimbursement, pricing and procurement of AMR health technologies', published in March 2021. Enjoy!

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