AMR Snapshots: Edition 4: Dame Sally Davies

The AMR Snapshots interview series is a quick, but deep dive into the key challenges we are facing in antimicrobial resistance (AMR), exploring the topic from a variety of different perspectives and featuring key leaders in the field. We were honoured to have had the opportunity to interview Dame Sally Davies in the fourth edition of this series in May, while the G7 Health and Finance Ministers were meeting in Germany.

Dame Sally Davies has been a prominent figure in the fight against AMR championing the cause across the globe. As the UK’s Special envoy on AMR she represents the UK on the subject of AMR, engaging bilaterally and multilaterally through international organisations. She had an active role in advising the UK Government on possible commitments to take forward on AMR through the UK’s G7 Presidency in 2021.

AMR featured heavily on the agenda of the UK’s G7 presidency of 2021, and members states agreed on and published a statement to strengthen action on AMR. The Global AMR R&D Hub together with WHO were called upon to prepare a progress report to support this. The momentum continues in 2022 under Germany’s G7 presidency, with renewed commitment to address AMR among the three key health priorities, alongside the coronavirus pandemic and climate and health. A progress report by the Hub and WHO was submitted to the G7. It was appreciated by both the Health and Finance Ministers in their communiques, and a further detailed update in 2023 has been requested. For more details follow News & Events.

Currently the 40th Master of Trinity College, Cambridge University, Dame Sally was the Chief Medical Officer for England and Senior Medical Advisor to the UK Government from 2011-2019. Dame Sally is also a member of the new One Health Global Leaders Group on AMR (GLG) working to accelerate political momentum, leadership and action on AMR. She is currently leading a subgroup within the GLG deliberating on actual requirements for AMR out of the discussions on the international pandemic treaty that WHO is leading.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable 17 minutes speaking with Dame Sally Davies. Please do watch the interview to find out more about what she has to say on AMR from advocacy, outreach and communication, One Health to the G7 and the GLG. Fascinating and insightful. Thank you Dame Sally!

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