G20 Health Ministers Unite to Address Global Health Challenges One Earth, One Family, One Future

On the 17th-19th August, G20 Health Ministers and international organisations came together at the G20 India Health Ministers Meeting to discuss major global health priorities & challenges and reaffirm their commitment to strengthening the Global Health Architecture covering Health Emergencies Prevention, Preparedness, and Response. with a focus on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and One Health, global cooperation to advance availability & access to safe, effective, quality, and affordable Medical Countermeasures – vaccines , therapeutics & diagnostics & digital health innovation.

Director of the Global AMR Research and Development (R&D) Hub, Dr Lesley Ogilvie, travelled to Gandhinagar for the meeting. The Global AMR R&D Hub was honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to the deliberations during this pivotal meeting and emphasised the need to tackle the global health challenge of AMR collectively.

We applaud the G20 for their renewed commitment to strengthening actions against the AMR following a One Health approach and that they recognize the urgent need for action across the push and pull spectrum in accelerating research & development of new antimicrobials and ensuring access for those in need globally.

We highly appreciate the continued support for the work we do at the Global AMR R&D Hub enhancing co-operation and collaboration in AMR R&D and the recognition of key initiatives such as CARB-X, Global Antibiotic R&D Partnership (GARDP) and SECURE and their critical role in developing new antimicrobials and ensuring their equitable access.

“We welcome research and development on novel antimicrobials through various international initiatives such as SECURE, CARB-X & GARDP including push & pull mechanisms., while striving for sustained and reliable supply and sustainable production of existing antimicrobials, by incentivizing the production of affordable generic antimicrobials and advancing appropriate usage/antimicrobial stewardship principles. We continue to support the work of the Global AMR R&D Hub in promoting collaboration and coordination of research and development on AMR” (Page 11, paragraph 4.)

Access the full Outcome Document & Chair’s Summary to the left.

The Global AMR R&D Hub looks forward with optimism to continuing the momentum and fostering strengthened and targeted action against AMR during Brazil’s upcoming presidency of the G20, as well as attaining feasible and concrete commitments at the United Nations High Level Meeting on AMR and the 4th high level meeting on AMR in Saudi Arabia, both in 2024.

Bold and collective action on AMR is key.

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