G7 Finance Ministers’ Statement on Actions to Support Antibiotic Development

G7 Finance Ministers met on the 13th December to agree on a statement of actions to support antibiotic development, highlighting the continued commitment of the G7 member states to solving the challenges facing the development of and access to the most needed existing and new antibiotics.

The Global AMR R&D Hub is honoured to be able to contribute, alongside the World Health Organisation (WHO), to the monitoring of development within the space, with a commitment to prepare a progress update for G7 Finance and Health Ministers in 2022. We look forward to taking on this challenge and seeing barriers being broken down that are currently hindering the preservation of and access to existing antibiotics, as well as the development of priority antibiotics, in tandem with a strengthening of the R&D landscape for antibiotic development.

Access the Policy Statement & annexes here.

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