Global AMR R&D Hub and WHO EURO Bacteriophages Webinar: Vintage Innovation

On April 18th, the WHO Regional Office for Europe, in collaboration with the Global AMR R&D Hub, successfully hosted the much-anticipated webinar “Vintage Innovation: Towards Building the Evidence for Broader Use of Bacteriophages from an AMR One Health Perspective.”

More than 1,300 participants from around the world registered for this event, which delved into the use of phage therapy for human health.

“We need phages now, patients are dying of AMR today!” — Jean-Paul Pirnay (Queen Astrid Military Hospital)

The program not only provided theoretical insights into phages but also offered a comprehensive overview of their history, practical applications, regulatory and financial perspectives, and other useful resources such as the Phagistry.

Thanks to Frederic Laurent for excellent moderation and panelists Mariam Dadiani, Dea Nizharadze, Shawna McCallin, Jean-Paul Pirnay, Radu Botgros, Mercedes Gonzalez Moreno for their insightful contributions

As emphasised by Lesley Ogilvie, Secretariat Director at the Hub, co-operation and collaboration is crucial for finding solutions. Facilitating dialogue among stakeholders across the value chain — from scientists to clinicians, policymakers, and regulators — is key. This dialogue will significantly influence how we fund R&D for these vital non-traditional therapeutics and, importantly, support translation from research to product to patient.

If you missed this event or would like to participate further, please note that this webinar was the first installment of a three-part series aimed at accelerating evidence development for the application of phages across the One Health spectrum. A recording of the session is available here.

Access the recordings of the other sessions in the series: 

May 7: Phage applications in Animal Health

May 16: Phage applications in Environmental Health – watch this space! 

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