New and improved version of the Dynamic Dashboard


Today an updated version of the Investment Gallery of the Dynamic Dashboard was released. This new version has incorporated suggestions received and aims to increase the functionality and utility of the Investment Gallery based on feedback.

Key changes include:

  1. A search function and the ability to export results in an excel spreadsheet
  2. Providing abstracts and other project level information where possible
  3. Refining the structure of the gallery so that each One Health sector can have a dedicated area that provides information relevant only to that sector
  4. Changes to make it easier to understand what is presented
  5. Making our key supporting documents, like the definitions for the categories and our data sources, much easier to find and more user friendly, and
  6. Changing some of the visuals so that the information presented is more targeted to user needs.

More is yet to come for the Investment Gallery, and we are still working on presenting information on the research organisations and also developing key messages and data trends.

In addition, stay tuned for the launch of projects and investments on animal health R&D on 31 July 2020 and the two new Galleries, Pipeline and Incentives, in August 2020.

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