Parliamentary Breakfast at German Bundestag

Dr Ralf Sudbrak, Deputy Director of the Global AMR R&D Hub, joined other renowned speakers at a Parliamentary Breakfast held at the German Bundestag.

This event was hosted by the German Network against Antimicrobial Resistance DNAAMR: Deutsche Netzwerk gegen Antimikrobielle Resistenzen).

At the event, Ralf contributed insights alongside Prof. em. Dr. Michael Kresken and others, addressing crucial topics like the resistance situation and antibiotic consumption in Germany.

6 recommendations for immediate measures were discussed:

1) The fastest possible introduction of effective market incentives for the development of new, resistance-breaking antibiotics

2) Reimbursement for the use of reserve antibiotics in the in patient sector

3) Introduction of bridge financing for SMEs that are currently active in the development of antibiotics

4) Active dialogue between policymakers and all stakeholders on research and development of new antibiotics

5) Continuation of previous efforts in research funding (push mechanism)

6) Appointment of a national commissioner for AMR following the example of UK/Sweden.

The event was a great opportunity to engage in discussions with high level policymakers and gain valuable perspectives on combating antimicrobial resistance both in Germany and beyond.

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