Parliamentary Group Against AMR Formed in Germany

On June 13, 2024, members of the German Parliament (Bundestag) from some the country’s major political parties convened and formed a parliamentary group dedicated to combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

AMR poses a significant global health threat, causing millions of deaths annually, including 35,000 in the EU alone. The establishment of this specialized group demonstrates Germany’s commitment to tackling this global crisis.

Members of the Parliamentary Group include:

  • Alliance 90/The Greens: Johannes Wagner
  • CDU/CSU: Stephan Albani, Helge Braun, Hermann Gröhe, Georg Kippels, Katrin Staffler
  • Die Linke: Dr. Petra Sitte
  • FDP: Kristine Lütke, Andrew Ullmann
  • SPD: Holger Becker, Dr. Franziska Kersten, Tina Rudolph

The Global AMR R&D Hub welcomes the formation of this cross-party Parliamentary Group. We are confident that with unified support from parliamentarians across party lines, the fight against AMR will gain significant momentum!

We also extend our congratulations to Dr. Georg Kippels on being elected as the group’s spokesperson, and to Dr. Franziska Kersten on being elected as deputy chair. We strongly believe that their leadership will be instrumental in driving efforts forward.

Timo Jaeger, spokesperson for the German Network against AMR (DNAMR) and Managing Director of German Center for Infection Research – a close and valuable partner of the Hub – also shares this view:

We are pleased to have specific contacts in the parliamentary group to discuss suitable measures and advocate for them with the political support of the federal government.

The Global AMR R&D Hub, as a founding member of the DNAMR, is eager to support and collaborate with the group in the fight against AMR. Together, we can drive sustainable research and innovation and safeguard public health.

Find out more here (in German):

Photos: @TillmannKonrad/DNAMR


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