Survey on the satisfaction with the Global AMR R&D Hub’s Dynamic Dashboard

We kindly invite you to take part in a survey on the satisfaction with the Global AMR R&D Hub’s Dynamic Dashboard. This survey is conducted by the Public Policy and Management Institute (PPMI), an independent external evaluator of the Global AMR R&D Hub, with support from BIOCOM.
We would like to explore your satisfaction with the Dynamic Dashboard, including its user-friendliness, content and the overall quality. Your input would be very useful to the ongoing external evaluation of the Global AMR R&D Hub and its key deliverables. It should take, on average, around 5-10 minutes to complete all questions.

Please note that this is a voluntary survey. Our strict provisions ensure that your answers will remain confidential and shall be used only in aggregated form. For further information on our confidentiality policy, please see the Specific Privacy Statement here.

If you have any further questions about the survey, please contact Ms Sonata Brokevičiūtė at

We would be grateful if you could complete the survey by 29/09/2020.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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