World Health Summit 2022

“The AMR preclinical pipeline is very innovative but also very fragile.”

These were the words of Dr Ralf Sudbrak, representing the Global Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Research and Development (R&D) Hub at the World Health Summit 2022 session on Partnerships and AMR: Identifying Challenges and Opportunities Across the Antibiotic R&D and Access Value Chain.

The session was chaired by Dr. Laura Jung and speakers were as follows:

➜ Dr. Manica Balasegaram, Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership

➜ Dr. Erin Duffy, CARB-X

➜ Dr. Martin Fitchet, Johnson & Johnson

➜ Dr. Valeria Gigante, World Health Organization

➜ Dr. Ralf Sudbrak, Global AMR R&D Hub


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