During a thought-provoking panel discussion on the “Development of a Sustainable Market for New, Resistance-Breaking Antibiotics” at the World Health Summit 2023, renowned panelists – Mathias W. Pletz, MD (Institute for Infectious Diseases and Infection Control, Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Kevin Outterson (CARB-X)Marc Gitzinger (BEAM Alliance)Joel Denis (Public Health Agency of Canada | Agence de la santé publique du Canada) (& Hub’s Vice Chair) and the Hub Secretariat Director, Lesley Ogilvie – delivered a resounding call to action.

The consensus was clear: Discussions, while foundational, must ultimately lead to concrete actions:

AMR is an evolutionary problem, hence a continuous fight which needs continued efforts and continued innovation
Matthias Platz

A perfect solution for a pull incentive to revitalize antibiotic market in next 5 years is already too late! We need to act now and quick!
Kevin Outterson

What we really need is action. I fail in words because we have been talking to the same people for many many years[…] Please, we need implementations of pull mechanisms.
Marc Gitzinger

Implementation is hard, but forward momentum is key to tackle AMR
Joel Denis

We have a market failure, but more importantly a public health failure…
Lesley Ogilvie

The panel drove home a crucial point: In the battle against AMR, waiting isn’t an option.

We need actionable strategies, and we need them now.

Watch the recording here ➡ https://lnkd.in/ecnpE8g8

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