A shared dialogue on Pull Incentives

In April 2023, the Global AMR R&D Hub’s Members, Observers and Stakeholder Group held a shared dialogue on pull incentives to exchange perspectives and highlight areas for action. The discussion underscored the necessity for sufficiently sized, delinked incentives to propel sustainable R&D for novel antimicrobials. ‘Fair share’ contributions by entities like the G7 and EU were emphasised, alongside considerations for translating high-income models to benefit low-income nations. Agreement prevailed on the importance of realistic targets for new antimicrobials, aligned with public health needs. The dialogue focussed on appropriate usage and fostering inclusive global collaboration, highlighting the imperative for voices from the global south in contributing to meaningful solutions. Transparency throughout the antibacterial development process was emphasised, concluding with a focus on incorporating diagnostics, the animal health sector, and diverse voices for effective next steps in combating antimicrobial resistance.

Key points:

  • Top-level considerations encompass innovation, value for money, predictability, and equity.
  • Estimated global pull sizes ranged from USD 1.6 – 6.5 billion per antibiotic over a decade.
  • Equitable global access, guided by stewardship principles, faces economic hurdles demanding reimbursement reforms.

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