Annual Report 2020: The State of Public and Philanthropic Investments in AMR R&D

The Global AMR R&D Hub has published “The State of Public and Philanthropic Investments in AMR R&D – The 2020 Annual Report of the Global AMR R&D Hub’s Dynamic Dashboard”. Based on the report, the Board of Members has issued recommendations to the G20. This is the first consolidation of national antimicrobial resistance (AMR)-related research and development (R&D) funding and a start to providing a comprehensive global picture. The first analysis report provides a baseline, essentially representing two full years of data (2017 and 2018). Overall, information captured in the Dynamic Dashboard indicates that public and philanthropic investment in AMR R&D is similar in 2017 and 2018 at about 1.4 billion USD per year. Data averaged at the global level shows that most funding is directed towards basic research, followed by funding for R&D on therapeutics and support for operational and implementation research.

Other key points of interest:

  • In animal health the majority of investments are in livestock and poultry.
  • Translation of the investment into new antibiotics in clinical development is not yet functioning optimally. The pipeline remains fragile, with low numbers and relatively weak innovativeness and with only about two fifths of the compounds in development or recently approved addressing some of the most critical pathogens.
  • The total amount of push funding for therapeutics development since 2017 captured in the Dynamic Dashboard amounts to estimates of the investment needed to bring one antibiotic from discovery to the market.

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