Annual Report 2021: The Global AMR R&D Funding Landscape

The Global AMR R&D Hub’s Dynamic Dashboard offers an evidence base to foster global priority setting and decision making on the allocation of resources. The 2021 Annual Report comprises analysis of more than 12,000 projects worth 8.91 billion USD, providing a consolidated overview of the global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) research and development (R&D) funding landscape as at the 1st of September 2021. Data collected covers 214 funders from 46 countries (plus the European Union) who fund research organisations across 6 continents. For the first time, the full One Health spectrum is represented, with projects covering human, animal, plant and environment health. 6% of funding for AMR R&D targeted projects that spanned more than ‘One Health’ sector – with the emphasis on Operational and Capacity Building R&D. Across all sectors, Basic Research, Therapeutics and Operational R&D represent the top 3 research areas in terms of investment. Overall, global funding for AMR R&D remains in an upward trajectory. Year-on-year growth in investments are visible with an increase in public and philanthropic investment in AMR R&D between 2017 and 2019, from 1.65 billion USD in 2017 to 1.8 billion USD in 2019.

Key findings:

  • Funding for human health dominates the AMR R&D landscape, with more than 84% of funding captured by projects solely focused on this sector (7.4 billion USD). Over half of this funding (58%, 4.4 billion USD) targets priority bacterial pathogens.
  • Farmed animals remain a key focus for animal health AMR R&D, with livestock-associated projects accounting for close to half (41%, 309 million USD) of the funding directed towards the animal health sector (757 million USD).
  • Operational research is a major focus in animal health R&D. In the context of product-related research, the emphasis is placed on Vaccines and Diagnostics, comprising close to half (41%, 309 million USD) of all funding in this sector.
  • Within the plant health sector, a strong focus is placed on Prevention AMR R&D, whereas Operational and cross-sectoral R&D are emphasised in the environmental health sector.


Dynamic Dashboard

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