Estimating Global Patient Needs and Market Potential for Priority Health Technologies Addressing AMR

One of the challenges inhibiting more unified and coordinated global action in the field of incentives for antimicrobial resistance (AMR) product development is a lack of evidence and data to quantify the need or size of the problem (and therefore the scale of the required intervention). To help address this, a Market Analysis Expert Advisory Group (EAG), with broad geographic and technical representation, was established by the Global AMR R&D Hub’s Board of Members in May 2019. The EAG was tasked with estimating the global market potential for products (therapeutics & diagnostics) that they identified as representing some of the greatest unmet need for addressing AMR. Below are the results of this in-depth analysis, providing key insights into the scale of this part of the AMR challenge and to support current thinking on market intervention.

Key points:

  • The EAG adopted a human patient-need led approach for its initial priorities, resulting in the identification of four priority health technologies – two small-molecule therapeutics and two point-of-care diagnostics.
  • These four technologies were investigated in more detail by building epidemiological and commercial models, in order to provide an assessment of the patient need and market attractiveness.
  • By showing the astonishing mismatch between global needs and commercial potential, it is hoped that the study will help mobilise the required action to both support innovation and ensure that these necessary new products are accessible to those with the greatest need around the world.

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