Incentivising the Development of New Antibacterial Treatments: 2023 Progress Report By The Global AMR R&D Hub and WHO

The 2023 Progress Report by the Global AMR R&D Hub and WHO addresses the urgent need to incentivise the development of new antibacterial treatments. The 2023 Progress Report (like its 2022 predecessor) was requested by the G7, and was taken under consideration during the Health and Finance Ministers’ meetings in Japan. Highlighting the socioeconomic crisis posed by antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the report emphasises the gravity of the challenge, causing more deaths than HIV or malaria. The G7 Finance and Health Ministers’ commitments to address antibiotic market failure are discussed, and the report outlines country-specific progress, challenges, and opportunities. AMR’s global impact on health, trade, and economies is underscored, projecting potential costs of USD 100 trillion by 2050. The report recommends collaborative actions, innovative financing, and policy tools to ensure a sustainable pipeline and address AMR effectively. The financial landscape, progress in G7 countries, public and private investments, and proposed pull incentives are detailed, emphasising the need for global cooperation.

Key recommendations from the 2023 Progress Report:

  • Work towards tangible and specific commitments and targets for G7 action on incentivizing the development of and equitable access to new antibacterials for agreement in the next two years.
  • Strengthen the AMR R&D ecosystem across the development pipeline through sustainable and predictable financing and resources to address the antibiotic R&D and access crisis.
  • Establish a clear process for sharing information and evaluation of pull incentive models across countries, and share recommendations with the G7 on coordination opportunities in 2024.
  • Ensure pull mechanisms are designed to stimulate R&D and reward innovation, and provide appropriate global and equitable access, including for low- and middle-income countries that experience the highest burden of resistance.

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