Market Incentives Guide: Which Economic Pull Incentive May Be Right For Your Country?

Written by Christine Årdal from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in collaboration with the Global AMR R&D Hub, the Market Incentives Guide aims to assist policymakers to identify which pull incentive may be best suited for their national context, amidst the several different types of market incentives commonly considered. While it is widely recognised that pull – or other types of market incentives – will have a transformative impact on the development and access to novel antimicrobials addressing unmet needs in antimicrobial resistance, the differences between the types of market incentives may not always be readily apparent. The Market Incentives Guide aims to demystify this, with examples from countries such as Sweden and the UK providing insight to the realities of implementation that need to be considered.

Key points:

  • The incentives discussed include Transferable Exclusivity Vouchers, High Unit Price models, Annual Revenue guarantees, and Subscription models.
  • Each incentive’s status, provisions, and potential impact on innovation, access, and stewardship are outlined.
  • Additionally, the report addresses the cost considerations, estimating global revenues needed to stimulate innovation and secure access.

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