Recommendations to the G20 Following the First Analysis Report of Dynamic Dashboard Data

The Global AMR R&D Hub was launched in May 2018, following a call from G20 Leaders, to address challenges and improve coordination and collaboration in global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) research and development (R&D) using a One Health approach. The Dynamic Dashboard, established in 2020, is one of the first major achievements of the Hub. It aims to support evidence-based decision making and priority setting and to help maximize the impact and efficiency of resources and efforts invested into AMR R&D. Following the first analysis report of Dynamic Dashboard data, a list of recommendations have been provided to the G20 by the Board of Members of the Global AMR R&D Hub to inform decision-making, resource allocation, and priority setting.

Key recommendations:

  • Building on the significant investment in early stage product development by public and philanthropic funders, more support for late stage clinical development is considered necessary to maintain the momentum and support the required infrastructure for bringing new antibiotics to patients.
  • Pull support to overcome some of the economic challenges in therapeutic markets following approval remains ad hoc, small-scale and initiated by just a few countries globally. More countries need to come forward with pull-incentives at an adequate scale, and initiatives across countries need to be aligned so as to create a strong signal to investors.
  • More should be done to increase cooperation and enforce concerted action on a global One Health R&D response to the threat of AMR – supporting this effort is one of the major goals of the Global AMR R&D Hub.

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