Key Activities

The Global AMR R&D Hub has a number of Key Activities that address our key 3 pillars of work: guide and support evidence-based decision making; enhance collaboration and coordination; and promote awareness, knowledge and visibility.

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Expanding and updating the Dynamic Dashboard.


Contributing to the discussion on incentives for AMR R&D through

  1. Working with the Market Analysis Expert Advisory Group (EAG) that comprises of 17 members and two ex-officio members to evaluate and determine the market potential of interventions addressing priority antimicrobial resistant pathogens and indications.
  2. A number of studies are underway to better inform the incentives space and, particularly, to form a tangible, issues-based foundation to regnite dialogue with and between policy makers.

Consulting widely with experts, other initiatives and organisations to promote the work of the Global AMR R&D Hub and also ensure there is no duplication of effort.


Consulting with a Stakeholder Group, consisting of 20 members from non-government organisations/civil society, industry, international research funding initiatives and academia, to advise the Hub on specific topics, including the Dynamic Dashboard.


The Global AMR R&D Hub regularly publishes policy analysis, reports, articles and data insights together with a range of partners.

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One Health

One Health emphasises the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health, recognising that the well-being of each is essential for addressing complex global health challenges, preventing disease outbreaks, and to preserve the intricate web of life on our planet.

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