Dynamic Dashboard

One of the key activities for the Global AMR R&D Hub is to plan, design, build and implement an online Dynamic Dashboard that will present all AMR R&D investments globally from public and private sources across the One Health continuum and is as close to real time as possible. 

Global AMR R&D Hub hosts R&D modelling roundtable discussion

On October 27, 2019 the Global AMR R&D Hub convened currently active groups undertaking work modelling the development process for antibiotics. This small technical roundtable discussion was held in Berlin and facilitated a valuable exchange between expertise globally.

India joins the Global AMR R&D Hub

With India joining, the global partnership working to address challenges and improve coordination and collaboration in AMR R&D is expanded. Membership now consists of 16 countries, the European Commission, 2 philanthropic foundations and 4 international organisations (as observers).

Consultation on our Collaboration Framework

The results are in! Click here to access the summary of the responses received from the public consultation on our draft Collaboration Framework.

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