Global AMR R&D HUB / Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard

The Global AMR R&D Hub’s Dynamic Dashboard, launched in March 2020, is designed to be a resource for everyone working in the field of AMR R&D to support evidenced-based decision making on where efforts and resources may be best allocated. The Dynamic Dashboard continuously collects and presents information on AMR R&D investments, products in the pipeline and push and pull incentives across three galleries so that the most up-to-date information can be used to inform decision making. 

Investment Gallery

The Investment Gallery presents basic and applied AMR research projects and/or investments currently from public and private philanthropic funders.

Pipeline Gallery

The pipeline gallery shows antibacterial products that are in clinical development or have recently been approved as analysed by the WHO and The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Incentives Gallery

The Incentives Gallery displays incentives currently being implemented around the world that aim to sustainably improve the functioning of markets responsible for the development and distribution of therapeutics for the treatment of priority human bacterial infections. 

Funded by:
Federal Ministry of Health
Federal Ministry of Education and Research